I believe this is truly an early gem, and only 1 person has covered it yet, token not out yet, everyone can benefit (also if not investing, e.g. from the NFT airdrop).

I believe this is a BIG opportunity! Why? See below👇


NATIX was founded in Germany (2020) & currently leads As NATIX Network

In the multibillion dollar geospatial data market (now 35b, exp. 258 billion in 2028), the costs of 1 camera, installment & maintenance is up to 6k USD. This does not scale.

With NatixNetwork any smartphone camera is able to collect 100% privacy (GDPR) compliant data.

Via this low-cost crowdsourced camera network (using AI, edge computing & blockchain) decision-making data can be gathered for businesses & governments at a scalable price.

By decentralizing the camera network infrastructure & offering financial incentives for participating in the network, they attempt to break long-standing data monopolies.

Their ground-breaking work has not gone unnoticed & led to large investments & several large clients


Investors include:
- Plug and Play
- CoinIX
- Mulana Capital
- Techstars_
- Blockarm Capital

From raising money + revenue, they have approx. $18M runway. Seed round 2 is active & in the closing stage. More large & well-known investors t.b.a.


Their CEO said they already generated a 6-digit revenue in 2021 & have monthly recurring revenue from long-term SaaS customer contracts.

- E.ON
- Deutsche Telekom
- City of Den Haag
- City of Gelsenkirchen & Thyssengas
- Travekom
- E.dis
- Dräger


- European Commission - Seal of Excellence
- CIO Review Europe - Top 10 GDPR company in EU
- PWC & Builtworld - Top 10 SmartCity company (2020 + 2021)
- AI Summit New York - Highly recommended AI tech start-up
- http://Appengine.ai - Top 20 computer vision AI start up 2021
- R&M - Key player in video analytics market
- Nvidia (partner of parent company natix)


According to LinkedIn the team consists of 24 employees with a strong tech focus.

The CEO (Alireza Ghods) has extensive knowledge in AI, IoT & Blockchain. He worked at PwC as a blockchain & IoT solution architect & is a partner at the Blockarm investment fund


The NATIX Network uses:
- iLand #NFTs
- NTXT tokens (fungible)

Using these, network actors are incentiviced to participate.

Let's start with the iLand NFT: this NFT is created via the NATIX DDMap, which divides the globe into tiles

These tiles each represent a unique piece of land in the real world & are turned into NFTs called the iLand NFT.

Community members can obtain these via airdrops, a normal sale & later via trading in the open market.

These NFTs generate a passive income based on the data sold!

NTXT (ERC-20) is the native utility token of the NATIX Network.

- Payment for purchasing data + iLand NFTs
- Staking for network fee reductions
- Bonding to become a network actor (released when operation stops or slashed in case of malicious actions)
- Staking for the liquidity pool
- Participation in network governance

The whitepaper shows that within the network, participants can have the following roles


The NTXT total supply (FDV) is 1 billion tokens & will be released over the course of 48 months.

Distribution is as shown in the screenshot below.

Not public:
- Token price (public sale price/seed round 2 price)
- Long term sustainability of the network

The CTO stated a sustainable network is one of their top priorities as well, there are ideas for this (a reward pool & a burning & emission mechanism).

Presently, for investors, token price & the fully dilluted market cap are essential to determine whether or not to invest.


Unique usecase solving a real problem via a crowd-sourced camera network.

Backed by multinational companies, received multiple awards, is already generating a 6-digit revenue, received sufficient funding to get through the bear (approx 18m & more coming).

The team is a highly experienced tech oriented team (AI, IoT, blockchain).

Tokenomics (FDV, token price etc.) could use further clarification, this should come before the company launches its token early 2023.


Whitepaper: https://docs.natix.network/whitepaper/
Website: https://natix.network
Deep dive:


Currently, you can get these early bird rewards:
- Secure a whitelist spot
- iLand NFT Airdrop (generate free passive income)
- Win app points (can be turned into $NTXT)

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